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Who am I and how can I help a startup

I can define myself as having too many ideas for a single life :)

After a start of career in the recruitment industry in Paris, Dublin and than Lausanne, I decided to launch my outplacement firm based in Geneva in 2013. I still have a strong interest in recruitment, but now, I prefer to share my experience in recruitment and entrepreneurship with our outplacement participants. 
I find it to be much more rewarding (not in terms of cash but in terms of human-based experience)! 

In 2016, I founded a primary school with a couple of friends in France (where I live) convinced that we can bring much more to our children than only stay all the day long behind a desk. Learning is important, experiencing is as much important! I'm leading the school and the association behind the school. 

in 2017, I decided to launch, a participative recruitment platform in order to decrease recruiters' costs, and increase everyone's value, as everyone can be rewarded when they helped a recruiter to find the perfect Talent within their own networks. Soft start, but I now have some help on this, Delphine is helping me to structure our offer and develop awareness around the platform. 

And in 2018, I've launched the Mentors'Lab (provided by Tell NP Advisers) in order to connect startups with mentors all around the globe. I always say to our participants that helping a startup they like to grow can be a way to highlight their own skills or to develop new skills in a new context. And it seems that a lot of people who are still in a job are also interested in helping startups! Let's see where the Mentors'Lab will lead us...

To be continued... :)

I can help startups and entrepreneurs in participating to their Advisory Boards, or if they need help in their recruitment strategies or in identifying the right profiles for them to grow!