Strasbourg, France




research & development

Who am I and how can I help a startup

I support private or public sector organizations in the development of their product candidates, particularly in fields like Vaccine Development, Innovative Drug Products & Formulation/Delivery of Biologics, from discovery to initiation of clinical trials (Human & Animal Health). My service offer includes (i) state-of-the-art / strategic foresight (science, technology, regulatory watch, competitive Intelligence, commercial intelligence), (ii) research and identification of new targets, products or processes, (iii) implementing strategy for product-candidate development, (iv) Project management, supervision & coordination, (v) expertise support in CMC-related activities, (vi) strategic review & evaluation, (vii) drafting of specific documents (research proposals, work plans, protocols, research papers & reviews, reports, Quality documents…) and (viii) technical support. 


I could be available half a day a week and at the moment I'm ready to help a startup for 2-3 months.