Genève, Switzerland




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Who am I and how can I help a startup

I can define myself as having too much ideas for a single life :)

After a start of career in the recruitment industry in Paris, Dublin and than Lausanne, I decided to launch my own service company in 2013 at the age of 29. Strangely, it wasn't a recruitment company, but an outplacement firm based in Geneva. I still have a strong interest in recruitment, but now, I prefer to share my experience in recruitment and entrepreneurship with our outplacement participants. 
I find it to be much more rewarding (not in terms of cash but in terms of human-based experience)! 
I had the chance to work with Gregoire in Lausanne in 2011, when I was launching a recruitment firm in Lausanne, and Gregoire accepted to join me in this new outplacement challenge in 2017. 

In 2016, I founded a primary school with a couple of friends in France (where I live) convinced that we can bring much more to our children than only stay all the day long behind a desk. Learning is important, experiencing is as much important! I'm leading the school and the association behind the school. 

in 2017, I decided to launch, a participative recruitment platform in order to decrease recruiters' costs, and increase everyone's value, as everyone can be rewarded when they helped a recruiter to find the perfect Talent within their own networks. Soft start, but I now have some help on this, Delphine is helping me to structure our offer and develop awareness around the platform. 

And now, Mentors' Lab is going live!