Genève, Switzerland




finance manufacturing sales

Who am I and how can I help a startup

Extended experience in different areas such as business analysis, competitive landscape assessment, financial planning analysis, business modeling and project management. Many leading roles covered in the product innovation space, with business partnering with the strategic business planning and the marketing department. International exposure to several industrial activities with the goal of improving operational profitability and preserving the value of the company assets.


Professional skills:
• Strategic mind-set
• Analytical skills and business acumen
• Result oriented
• Strong presentation and communication skills
• Trusted business partner

Technical Skills:
• In-depth knowledge of manufacturing companies
• Project management and people coordination
• Planning (financial and commercial)
• Risk assessment and modeling 
• Profitability improvement 

Areas of expertise:

  • Luxury consumer goods
  • Pharma
  • Industrial equipement
  • Technology based companies