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Who am I and how can I help a startup

Coaching startups in Education Technology (EdTech) is one my big passions! I love working with people who want to shake up the corporate learning world by solving problems through using technology in smart ways. The energy and drive to create new value is just fantastic. But getting a big corporate to pay and start using it, is the greatest challenge of all! That is where my experience comes in and supports EdTech StartUps to pivot their business model, improve value propositions or getting large corporates to sign off on a Proof-of-Concept project.

Since 2017 I am deeply involved in the Swiss EdTech scene: 2017 I was jury and mentor of the Swiss EdTech Collidor at EPFL and 2018 with Kickstart Accelerator in Zürich. During this time, I evaluated over 100 EdTech startups. During the accelerator programs, the many exchanges I had created ideas for both startups as well as for what I could implement directly in my function as Head of L&D at Swisscom Enterprise Customers. I saw great value in this exchange and I love giving back to the startup community.

The way I prefer to work with with StartUp’s is through open and direct communication, with positive critique that helps you move forward. In iterative ways, where we continuously include stakeholder and customer feedback, we jointly develop your business model and value proposition. When getting ready to contact large corporates, I will coach and guide you until you have signed the deal for a PoC (or more!) with them.

So, are you an EdTech StartUp and are you looking for an experienced corporate Learning & Development leader with an entrepreneur mindset to help push your startup towards success? Then please setup a free 30 minute online meeting to get to know me.

My main goal is to give back to the startup community and foster innovation in corporate learning through Education Technology. My services will not be free of charge, but will be deemed fair by you and me in an agreement that we will create together.

Together, we will move mountains!